Siloam Children's Bible Camps Update

Bringing Tennagers and Children to faith in Christ Jesus

Siloam believe it’s important to get youngsters to embrace the gospel message at an early age before they get entrapped into harmful worldly pleasures and the habits of alcohol, tobacco and more harmful substances. We know also that many girls are steered away from a life of seemingly easy money through prostitution after being warned
about the dangers of illicit relationships and financial greed. After all, most education in the former communist Ukraine is dominated by atheistic teaching believing that God does not exist and there is no
personal final accountability.

Siloam has been funding Bible camps since 1984, it is by far the most popular outreach ministry that our passionate supporters invest in. Just look through our brochure which features the ‘Crossroads’ camps held under canvas in the Ukraine by Baptist Pastor Peter Bevz and his son Roman, the Director of youth ministries. Our photos show
exactly what took place in July last year and give you a visual insight into the simple activities enjoyed by 216 youngsters who came over the 3 week periods between 2nd to 22nd July 2017.

Siloam supports this project each year with a major contribution towards the total expenses without which these camps simply would not happen. Just look at our 2019 Bible camp budget target prayer card to see what we are prayerfully committed to this summer. It costs around £63 a week to send a deserving child to camp to experience in a practical way what a Christian lifestyle is all about. Most of the youngsters come from families with just one parent, maybe the mother or father is an alcoholic or perhaps in prison. Such is the need for this kind of Christian outreach in the Ukraine that the
places at camp are quickly taken up by parents who want to see a real change of heart in the lives of their vulnerable

A gift of £125 will provide places at camp for 2 vulnerable youngsters. But, donations of £5, £10, £15, £20 or more
when added together we hope will reach this year’s budget target for the Ukraine of £7.000.

Experience has taught Siloam that the best way to reach a child with the gospel of Jesus Christ is to get them from their negative home surroundings for at least 3 / 4 days after which time they are far more receptive to the gospel and more likely to respond and accept the free gift of eternal life.




‘Crossroads’ camps in the Ukraine reach children and young people many of whom come from disadvantaged families.

Bible studies outside on the banks of the River Deva or in the forest itself provide mental stimulation and an opportunity to know more about Christ and the claims He has on young people’s lives. This group are considering Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.”

Good wholesome food and plenty of it is another valuable ingredient of a successful Bible camp.

And, youngsters returning home with lots of clothing that friends from overseas have donated, this is a real added bonus.